Cellular Communicator

What if I don’t have a home telephone?

Don’t worry; we have cellular options for monitoring.

What is a cellular communicator?

A cellular communicator allows the alarm system to send signals to Central Station. This option is great for customers who no longer have a standard home telephone line or who have switched to a VoIP or wireless home telephone service.

What is the advantage to having a cellular communicator versus POTS?

Most homes are doing away with the plain old telephone service (POTS). In this situation the alarm will not be able to notify Central Station of any alarm signal because the communication path is no longer there. The solution is to install a cellular communicator which allows the alarm system to communicate the alarm signals to Central Station.

Another advantage to having a cellular communicator is that there is no phone line for an intruder to cut or dismantle in order to stop the alarm from communicating properly.

Has your telephone line ever been damaged in a storm or struck by lightning? You will no longer have to worry about your main control panel taking a surge from a telephone line being struck by lightning.
At the end of the day having a cellular communicator for your alarm system is a much better and more secure way for your alarm system to communicate.

Remote interactive features are a very popular and great way to stay in touch with your system when you are not there.
In order to utilize these features your system cannot be connected through POTS service and does require either cellular or Wi-Fi communication.