Choosing the Right Security Company

Dillard Alarm invites you to compare:

Question Dillard Alarm
Who owns the system after installation? You do, from day one.
Is a long-term monitoring contract required? NO. Customer selects term.
What is warranty on parts and labor? 1 Year parts and labor
Are they a locally owned company? Yes, we are a locally owned company
How long has the company been in business? Since 1976
Can another company monitor and service the system? YES – Equipment is non-proprietary
Is your account paperwork sold to another company? NO
Will Monitoring fee increase if fire, duress, or medical response is added? NO
Can the system be expanded later without having to replace the control panel & keypads? YES
Can you control the security system from your Smartphone, PDA or computer? YES
Offer wireless and internet monitoring? YES
When you call for service is your call answered locally? YES
When you have a service call how long does it take to have your system serviced? Same Day or Next Business Day
Actual 3 year cost comparison:

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Compare programs. Then call Dillard Alarm Company.