Commercial Services

Commercial Security

Today, your business cannot afford to be without a commercial security system. To adequately protect your employees and your business, your security system must be sophisticated enough to quickly detect danger from fire and smoke, carbon monoxide or natural gas, and threats from internal or external theft. Without it, the potential loss of human life or business assets is devastating, resulting in weeks, even months of downtime, and in some cases, closing your doors. Investing in a customized commercial security system from Dillard Alarm far outweighs these losses. Our goal is to create a customized solution that exceeds your expectations by meeting the needs of your business today, while preparing for any unforeseen events tomorrow.

CCTV has proven itself to be one of the most effective proactive security defense products on the market to date. Studies have shown that after the installation of CCTV, high-risk areas are less of a target, as the fear of someone watching is often enough the best deterrent. Dillard Alarm Company installs and maintains systems from one camera watching over a main door to multiple cameras looking after and securing multiple commercial areas. With a large product range available to choose from, we can provide a cost free recommendation tailored to meet your individual needs.

Fire is one disaster that can be devastating to your business in a matter of minutes. From defective wiring to machine malfunctions, the threat of fire exists in every room of your business. Apart from being a life-threatening danger, fire causes irreversible damage to company records, inventory and property. A reliable and sound fire alarm system allows for early detection of smoke and fire, aiding in a quick evacuation. Dillard Alarm Company fire alarm systems are affordable, dependable, and comply with today’s strict fire codes.

Our complete fire alarm systems range from manual pull stations to automated systems. Horns and strobe lights alert occupants to evacuate the building, while our central monitoring station is signaled to dispatch the nearest fire station. When the building is unoccupied, the system’s smoke and heat detectors, along with sprinkler system sensors, protect the building from fire and water damage. Dillard Alarm Company has a full line of commercial fire alarm systems that will meet your growing business needs.

All businesses have to prepare for the unimaginable. By installing one of Dillard Alarm Company’s trusted panic button system you can make sure that your employees are protected at all times. You can never be too careful and have too much security when it comes to your employees and your business. Our commercial panic systems send a silent alarm to Central Station who then act on that silent alarm and call your local police department. Don’t wait until something happens to get a panic system installed. We are always steps ahead of the bad guy and you should be too!

Stay Connected to your Business. . . Wherever you are.

Remote interactive features actually simplify and streamline the way you interact with your business on a day-to-day basis helping you operate a safer and more productive enterprise by intelligently utilizing everything today’s technology has to offer.

Choose from Basic or Enhanced Services:

  • Control your security system via a virtual keypad using any web browser on a PC or any smart device.
  • Receive important alerts through text message or e-mail notifications regarding activity in various areas of your business to ensure safety or prevent unauthorized access (e.g. learn when gas and water valves have been turned on or off or if a door has been propped open).
  • Do even more with your remote interactive enhanced services! With optional video, you can view activity occurring around the exterior or interior of your business (e.g. monitor employee performance, guard against theft or criminal activity, keep an eye on vulnerable areas like file rooms or loading docks) from the office, at home or any remote location on your cell phone!

Dillard Alarm Company installs Access Control systems for a large variety of commercial clients. Whether your requirements are for a 100 person system or a 10 person office, we can satisfy your requirements to the highest degree. We can provide standard push button locks to allow code holders into doors, or install a sophisticated electronic fob system that allows easy access to your company. Very similar to an IT network, whereas certain people are only allowed into particular filing systems. Our access systems can allow for example, only authorized persons working in the company to be allowed into restricted areas and all other personnel would be restricted.