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Today, your business cannot afford to be without a commercial security system. To adequately protect your employees and your business, your security system must be sophisticated enough to quickly detect danger from fire and smoke, carbon monoxide or natural gas, and threats from internal or external theft. Our goal is to create a customized solution that exceeds your expectations by meeting the needs of your business today, while preparing for any unforeseen events tomorrow.

Please refer to the user manual of your model.
Please refer to the user manual of your model.
The first thing that you should do is test your system and advise Central Station that you will be testing before hand. If they received the test signals that you have sent through the alarm system then everything is OK. If they did not, please call our office for service. Usually when we see this happen it is because the phone line is down or got disconnected. The systems are programmed to let you know if there is something that has happened to the communication path for the system. Make sure that you are testing your system on a weekly or monthly basis. The more often that the system is used the faster you will be able to notice if something is not working properly. Do not wait to use the system until the day that you go out of town.
To our knowledge, you only need to have an alarm permit if you live in the City of Fredericksburg or Louisa County. City of Fredericksburg Alarm Permit Louisa County Alarm Permit
Don’t panic. Simply disarm the system and answer your phone when it rings. Central Station will be calling you shortly so make sure that you have your secret password in order to let the operator know it was a false alarm.
Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 8:30-5:00. If you need to speak with a technician after hours simply call 540-898-0771, press 2 for service, leave your voice message and then activate the “Emergency “ page by pressing # * 1 so you call can be returned as soon as possible.
Don’t worry; we have cellular options for monitoring.
You do, from day one.
NO. Customer selects term.
1 Year parts and labor
Yes, we are a locally owned company
Since 1976
YES – Equipment is non-proprietary

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